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Mi 10 Update to MIUI 13 without unlocking bootloader


My Mi 10 Pro runs currently the MIUI 12.5.3 Stable EU Rom (already installed when I got it)
Now I read about the new firmware MIUI Stable EU wich is ready to download here since couple weeks: Xiaomi Firmware Updater

Still haven't got an OTA Update jet so I wanted to update by myself. The Recovery variant isn't working for me since I can't choose an update file in the update menu. The other firmware update would be via fastboot wich needs an unlocked bootloader...
My question now is there maybe another way to update now without unlocking and without losing data?


Foren Moderator
You are talking about the EEA Global stable (SJAEUXM). Do you have this version installed?
If you are using the Global stable (RJAMIXM), there is only a beta so far which has certainly not yet been released everywhere.

YOU can also install a ROM on your own:
In the settings on your phone
About the phone
MIUI version
3 dots top right
Then select the update package
Select the downloaded file and you are done.

If you do not have Select Package. Return to the check update page. Tap the MIUI symbol several times to get the extra settings.
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