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Mi Note 10 Pro Filetransfer via Bluetooth renames file from img_the-date.jpg to 123456978.jpg


Redmi Note 10 Pro
Android 13 TKQ1.221013.002
Started with factory settings March 2023.

I recognized that whenever I transfer a file (a picture) via Bluetooth to my Windows Laptop the filename changes.
Instead of IMG_20231016_113645.jpg i get 1694172562038.jpg.
This also happens via "Share nearby" which in fact also uses bluetooth.

I am wondering to find pretty less about this. The only two other threads I found are telling, that the number is attached to the original name.
So instead of IMG_20231016_0123456.jpg they get IMG_20231016_113645_1694172562038.jpg.
Since this presumes the date and time I could live with that.
But in my case is whiping this information completely from the filename.

I am not going to search fo a solution like: bulk-rename the files afterwards from exif-data. I know that and already did this. But that is annoying.
I am also not going for a custom rom.
I hope there is a better way.

Thanks for any help.


China Böller
I never transfered files via BT. To Desktop computer via USB, mobile to mobile via Share Me, wich uses Wifi.


Foren Moderator
In the gallery app is under settings the option for safe sharing which removes GPS and meta data. Is this enabled?


China Böller
Kaspatoo sorry, was bist du denn für einer? Registrierst Dich in einem deutschen Forum, stellst Dich nicht vor, schreibst auf Englisch. Alles noch okay soweit, vorstellen tut sich hier leider so gut wie niemand mehr. Aber mir dann blödlaberei vorzuwerfen? Frechheit :angry:
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